• "CECA Supply & Services Inc. is a Texas based corporation specializing in the supply and Services of Oilfield based products and Equipment. Founded in 2002, our company's focus is in the North African market, the Middle East, and Sub-Sahara Africa. Our personal experience to the company and are our most valuable assets."

    Maher Touma Chairman & CEO

  • "As a privately held company, we are flexible and responsive to the changing needs and requirements of the global oilfield energy sector"

    Rami Touma, President

  • "CECA's best assets are our people, our highly skilled team is at the forefront of knowledge with the expertise to assess, procure and deliver."                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                             Maher Touma, Chairman & CEO 

  • "CECA Supply participates in many trade shows and training seminars each year. Check back regularly to see where we are heading next."

    Rami Touma, President

  • "Our diverse staff speaks English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Persian"

    Maher Touma, Chairman & CEO

Our Products

CECA provides high quality drilling equipment and spare parts from top manufacturers in the U.S. & Europe.

Technical Support is always available on all products purchased.

A general list of our products are featured below:

Complete Rig Packages

• Mast & Substructure
• Top Drives
• Drawworks
• Mud Pumps
• Travelling Equipment
• Rotary swivels
• Rotary Tables
• Torque Converters

Capital Drilling Equipment

• Blow Out Preventers
• BOP Control Systems
• BOP Test Units
• Choke & Kill Manifolds
• Drilling Mud Motors
• Solids Control Equipment
• Power Generation Equipment
• Well Stimulation Equipment
• SCR Systems

Pipe Handling Equipment

• Spinning Wrenches
• Air. Hydraulic and Manual Slips
• Kelly Spinners
• Make Up / Break Out Systems
• Elevators
• Tongs
• Links
• Safety Clamps

Specialist Equipment

• Fishing Tools
• Heavy Duty Material Handling Equipment
• Anti-Slip Matting and Ancillary Products
• Hydraulic Power Units
• Flowline Equipments
• Thread Compounds
• Relocatable Camps & Portable Housing
• Air Winches

Spares & Ancillary Items

Drawworks Spares: Brake Bands. Brake Rims. Catheads. Clutches Clutch Drums. Chain. Sprockets. Brake Blocks. Bearings etc...
Mud Pump Spares: Fluid end modules. Fluid end expendables. Piston Rods. Connecting Rods. Crossheads. Crosshead Liners. Crosshead Pins. Liner wear plates. Pinion Shafts. Eccentric Gears. Shim Sets. Discharge Strainers. Pulsation. Dampeners etc...
• Travelling Equipment Spares - Sheaves. Bearings. Seals erc...
• Rotary Swivel Spares - Goosenecks Washpipe Cartridge Assemblies. Swivel Rings and Shim Sets.
• Kelly Valves. IBOP Valves and Safety Valves.
• Centrifugal Pumps and Packages with Electric Motor - Engine Drive.
• Master Bushings. Casing Bushing. Kelly Bushings. Insert Bowls and Spares.
• Shaker Screens for a variety of Shale Shaker manufacturers. 
• Float Valves and Relief Valves and Spares.
• Ring Joint Gaskets
• Rotary and Vibrator Hoses.